Confianza, profesionalidad, flexibilidad, innovación y versatilidad

Confidence, professionalism, flexibility, innovation and versatility

Geoplanning is a company that prioritises work excellence with the goal of securing customer confidence. Thanks to the professionalism of its human team, it is a leading company within the sector. Additionally, we are aware of the complications that may arise on a daily basis and therefore provide the utmost flexibility to our customers so they may work with ease. At Geoplanning we continually strive for innovation, which is why we are involved in different areas of work such as geotechnical engineering, geology, mining exploration, foundations and laboratories for testing. This gives us an added bonus of versatility and endows the results of our work with an exceptional quality.

Sondeos y perforaciones con tecnología Sonic

Company Philosophy

A Geoplanning we have managed to make a name for ourselves both inside and outside the country. We have been pioneers in the introduction of Sonic technology. Nothing we do would be possible without a highly qualified and experienced human team.



  Avda Can Noguera 11, Nave 1,
Abrera, 08630, (Barcelona)

  937 738 740

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