Pollution studies

7 June 2018

Estudios de contaminación BarcelonaAt Geoplanning we perform all kinds of environmental and soil contamination studies. We also carry out survey operations and see to the installation of piezometers.

Requirements for environmental surveys

On environmental soundings, it is essential to drill without water, a fact that makes boring difficult on certain soil. At Geoplanning we use the latest technology in sonic drilling, a technique that allows us to drill in all types of soil without the need of water; an added value to our customers.

It should be noted that for this type of work we use biodegradable fats, free of metals and hydrocarbons. This allows us to drill without contaminating the samples of soil extracted.

Geoplanning's technical staff hold a title from the Asociación Empresarial Química de Tarragona (Chemical Business Association of Tarragona) that allows them to work in, and have access to, the high-risk chemical industry. In addition, they continually receive specific complementary training with the aim of offering a better service to our clients in geotechnical and environmental projects.

We put the best technical resources in the field at your disposal

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